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Benefits of Acupressure

Acupressure massage provides a number of health and wellness related benefits. These benefits are delivered in a natural and safe non-invasive method and thus, do not carry the harmful side effects associated with prescribed medications and the many invasive medical procedures used today.***In the process of treatments,specifically at beginning,patients may show up have much more headaches after treatment.That's means Acupressure start working.If patients can come once a week,those headaches will disappear after few weeks.Don't give up if you feel more headaches at beginning of treatments.

Acupressure massage is wonderful at enhancing and increasing a number of beneficial processes and functions within the human body.

  • Bilateral Migraines; Headaches; Hypertension; Insomnia;
  • Sinus; Allergies;
  • Cervical spondylosis; Acute and chronic lower back pain; Lumbar disc herniation; Ankle injuries
  • Biliary colic; Stomach pain; Urinary retention an frequency; Aphonia and sore throat; Constipation
  • Sequelae of cold; Hyperplasia of mammary of glands

Similarly, acupressure massage is extremely effective at reducing and often eliminating a number of uncomfortable and restrictive symptoms and conditions.

  • Acupressure can help your Asthma and Emphysema.***The Chinese medical theory believe by press some pressure points can relief muscle spasm.After years of Asthma and Emphysema problems,can cause many muscle spasm.***The Principle of Acupressure treatment for Asthma an Emphysema is "Qi" expansion and relief in the chest area.***One of my customer after her four times visit,only need twice a week(before was once a day).
  • Acupressure treatment for Irregular Menstruation (Including Dymenorrhea and Amenorrhea).***Dymenorrhea is the experience of pain in the lower abdomen and waist area during menstruation. The pain could sometimes be severe and unbearable. The symptoms of Dymenorrhea could be paleness and coldness in the hands and feet, nausea and vomiting,etc. during the menstruation cycle.***Amenorrhea is when a female reaches the age of eighteen and have not started menstruation,or when menstruation has started,but stopped for three months.Absence of menstruation caused by the changes of one's living environment,stress or other mental issues is not categorized as Amenorrhea. Absence of Menstruation during pregnancy,breastfeeding, and Menopause is normal and could not be treated by acupressure.***Acupressure can help all problems above by supply pressure on specially appointed meridians and pressure points.***It is much more help if add Reflexology with Acupressure.
  • For those with some knowledge of Chinese medicine cures diseases by targeting meridians.Migraines can be categorized by affected areas.Migraines can affect the top of the cranium,the forehead,the back of the cranium.The fact that Migraines exist in different areas shows that diseases have entered different meridians in the body.By targeting correct meridians,great results can be achieved.
  • Acupressure can help improve your Prostate function.***Urinary frequency,nocturia increased,urinary urgency,urinary incontinence and dysuria,urinary endless,residual urine increasing is the main symptom of prostate dysfunction.***Acupressure can supply stimulation to the prostate by press some pressure points,can mobilize the body's own immune function.The symptoms will get improved after Acupressure treatments.Combined with exercise methods accordingly,can receive better result.
  • Acupressure can relieves symptoms and discomfort of sinuses and allergic,It is based on Chinese medical theory of meridian,using the hands technique in the corresponding meridians and can achieve effects.***The occurrence of sinus and allergic symptoms are in the area around the nose,forehead,including the eyes.Runny nose,stuffy nose,tears and headache in the front of head and so on.The area is the stomach meridian of Foot Yangming through local.By rub the related points on Foot Yangming meridian,can achieve an ideal effect.
  • Acupressure treatment for Sequelae of cold.***Sequelae of cold refers to the physiological condition left from a cold and the body's inability to recover.Its symptoms include weakness and soreness of the body,dizziness,and headaches,etc.***By press some energy points on certain meridians,can give your energy back much quicker than.
  • Acupressure treatment for Biliary Colic***Patients with Biliary Colic show dyspeptic symptoms such as upper abdomen discomfort,loss of appetite,belching,burning sensation in the stomach region. It often occurs when the patient's diet is overly oily or when the patient is stressed out.Acute Biliary Colic causes paroxysmal pain that locates at the bottom of the scapula.
  • Acupressure treatment for Hypertension***Acupressure is an effective method in treating Hypertension.The treatment session takes approximately an hour.***Remind the patient to eat more fruits and vegetables.Also advise the patient not to eat greasy food or food high in sodium.
  • Acupressure treatment for Insomnia***Acupressure is a very effective method in treating in insomnia,especially for temporary insomnia.As for patients who suffer from chronic insomnia,several courses of treatment will lead to great results.If possible,each session should be 90 minutes.